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Monday, July 23, 2012

I slacked off and didn't write a post on Saturday, and I was planning on slacking off today, because really my creative juices have all dried up. I have been having a ridiculous battle with the Student Employment website for my University, and I just want to read all day and not complete anything on my to do list. I don't like it when important things become frustrating. My anxiety picks up and I start to panic and worry about everything. Which would usually make me want to be productive, but no I just shut down and don't want to do anything. I don't want to sell myself in a resume, I don't want to make a copy of my SSN card, and I don't even want to look at my disaster of a class schedule right now. So yeah, no creative juices.

Well, life is funny, and the Lord works in mysterious ways, and He has a way of cheering you up, and helping you relax. Sometimes you log onto blogger, after almost having a "back to your high school days" nervous breakdown. Let me tell you, those are NEVER good. AND you see that your roommate from freshman year posted a blog about her future wedding.  So you start to giggle with delight at how cute it is and then you realize that you want to do the same thing. So you get on your pinterest board (come on, admit it, you have one) and you start saving all of the things you really want in your future wedding to your computer. And your creative juices start flowing, because your roommate is adorable and has great ideas. And you realize how sneaky tender mercies are. Even if they are blog posts and dream wedding boards on pinterest.

So before I have to go tackle my to-do list, I am going to do one of these posts about my FAR into the FUTURE wedding. I wasn't really thinking about it, but Megan inspired me. Who knows if my taste will be the same, but hey I think that Megan had a cute idea going on. A girl can dream right?

Let's start with the place...the most important part.

The temple in my town has been undergoing renovations and seriously it is going to be absolutely breathtaking. I would totally get married there. We'll see, I'd get married in any temple.

Now for the other stuff...

1. The Dress
Claire Pettibone's Sparrow: 1/2
Ida Sjostedt's Marilyn
Honorable Mentions:
Wedding Couture
1, 2, 3
2. The Ring ( I will be happy with whatever he chooses, but maybe he'll need some inspiration)
Tiffany Infinity Ring
Erie Basin: East Side Bride

3. The Shoes 

Make them in white and they are perfect. Too edgy? Nahh.
Reception shoes anyone? 1,2
Something Blue?
Something Blue? 1, 2
4. The Flowers
Do I love poppies? Yes.
Wedding Flora
5. The Bridesmaids
Stripes! Yes!
I love the idea of bridesmaid dresses with the same style, but different colors and patterns.

6. The Cake

7. The Groom (He will probably decide what he wants...with my discretion of course.)

8. The Reception

9. Oh and I almost forgot...The Hair
Here is a link to beautiful wedding hairstyles. Courtesy of Pinterest and She Finds.

Honorable Mentions:

I sure hope we're both that happy to be married.

 Kissing and dancing. There has to be kissing and dancing. 

I would just like to thank Megan again for originally doing this post. It was very fun to read, and I had a great time doing one myself. Who knows what the future holds for me? Maybe I'll be married in a couple of months, maybe two years, maybe five. All I know is that I am no way near ready, and I got a lot of living to do, but it's always fun to sigh and daydream about that beautiful day. Now I have to get back to my To-Do list. Oh well, at least I'll complete my tasks with happy thoughts. 

Have you ever thought about your dream wedding? The big day? The guy? Hahaha. Comment below and have a lovely day.


  1. Oh goodness! I have wedding fever now! And will be doing one of these too! Thanks Dani and Megan :) Dani-- I love the picture of the bridesmaids in different colors, that's what I've always wanted. Thanks for the inspiration. I secretly cannot wait for your wedding because I know it would be so ridiculously pinterest-y and lovely...

  2. I just saw your post. OMG I am going to go comment on it RIGHT NOW!...well after I write this comment of course. Leah, you should do that, then I should do that. We can be bridesmaid twinners. AND...thank you that's so sweet. I'm going to admit..I want it to be pinterest-y and lovely. Anyway thanks again. Love ya bye.

  3. you guys are cute! Dani, I don't know why but my post disappeared so I had to redo it. Anyways, I am glad it made you happier. It freaked my parents out. I think it was worse because that same day I sent them pictures of me trying on rings with a guy friend and later going in to a bridal store and trying on veils and dresses. Let's just say getting married has been on my mind lately. My strengthening marriage and family class isn't helping either...


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