Wishlist Wednesday: iPhone Cases and Other Things

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The majority of this wishlist is iPhone cases. I am already thinking about getting a new one. Good thing Christmas isn't that far away!

 Society 6 // 1,

Society 6 has the best iPhone, iPad, and computer cases. I love seeing artists put their work on things that will be seen by everybody. There are so many options and everything is so unique. I would recommend checking it out. I can't get enough of the Up! inspired case. So cute!

Kate Spade // 1, 2, 3, 4

So I have an iPhone board on Pinterest, and the Kate Spade cases are what got me started. I wanted their "Eat Cake for Breakfast" case, but unfortunately, that one isn't on the market at the moment, so I settled for some other ones that I like just as much. Aren't they all just adorable? They come with a silicone lining too. Thank you Kate Spade for the beautiful things you design.

Now for clothing and other things!

 I couldn't find the link to this, but if you type Gold Bar Necklaces in Google, a lot of results come up. Also, Etsy is full of cute jewelry like this.

2. And if you are a hardcore ring wearer, or if you're worried about losing your wedding ring (for all those married ladies...)

Urban Outfitters // 1
How CUTE is this? How cute? 

3. A New Scarf

4. Clothes like this for my future children... 
ESP No. 1
 For the days when they want to look a little bit grungy and edgy. Yep I'm already dressing my children.

5.  These two tops.

ASOS // 1

Helmut Lang // 1

6. AND these BEYOND GORGEOUS shoes 

Jeffrey Campbell // 1

Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful. I want them in the weave and in black! Aren't they just perfect? Really though, Jeffrey Campbell never fails to impress me.

What have you been wishin' for lately? Do you have any great sites that sell adorable iPhone cases? I am also looking for cute backgrounds. Lemme know friends! Also, aren't you just loving the fall weather? It's officially here! You better be breaking out the cardigans!

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