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Friday, January 25, 2013

I was supposed to post a playlist Thursday post on Thursday (yesterday), and I didn't. Typical Dani move right? I'm going to be honest though, I don't have a lot of music to share with you right now.

I have a "Trying it Out" playlist on Spotify. So right now, I'm trying out She & Him, Phil Wickham, and Macklemore. If any of you listen to these artists religiously, what songs would you recommend? Give me any recommendations in general. I love that playlist because I'm able to just listen and pick off the songs I do and do not like.

But since this is a playlist post, and not everyone has Spotify, I thought I would share three songs (well mostly 2 because I shared one last week)

1. Always on My Mind by Michael Buble

"Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have. Maybe I didn't love you quite as often as I could have. Little things I should have said and done, I just never took the time. But you are always on my mind. You are always on my mind."

Back in the day, I was super obsessed with Michael Buble, and I really liked this kid at the time. Well he didn't like me and this was my weepy song. I listened to it NON-STOP, playing this scenario in my head that he would admit all these things to me, and that we would end up falling in love. Did it happen? No. Am I okay? Obviously. We all know that each and every one of us has wished something like that would happen to us. We write it on paper or we just keep it to ourselves. AND we look out the window sadly when it rains and we pretend soft music is playing in the background (You've Got Mail style) It's just one of those things that everyone does.

2. Starships (Nicki Minaj cover) by Conor Maynard

This is right up there in the "Ben Howard does a cover of Call Me Maybe" greatness category. How is it that guys make pop songs sound so much better? How? Like seriously, he is perfect in every way.

3. Hiding Out (Live) by Sucre

The live version BLOWS my mind. She sounds like an angel.

 What beautiful music do you have to share with me? 
Happy listening. 
Stay gold. 

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  1. I love the You've Got Mail reference... and Michael Buble :)
    xo TJ


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