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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why did I ever have to sell back my books and why did I ever have to discover the J.Crew Factory store in Lehi?

Let's just say that my wallet is hurting right now, but I'll start with a little back story to justify the purchases I made.

For my birthday, I got the items from my last wishlist and I was completely thrilled over those adorable flats. Well much to my disappointment they weren't all that I thought they would be. Word to the wise, always buy shoes in the store, unless you know the quality and fit of the shoes already. So I returned the flats, that (be ready for the mini review I'm about to write) had no traction, barely any sole, toe cleavage galore, and no support. The color was great but the material lacked in anything comfortable. Who really wants to walk in PVC flats? Talk about foot sweat. I mean, if you like that kind of thing, to each their own. So where was I? Oh yeah, I returned the first pair, which was too big, and I returned the exchange. Thank goodness J.Crew Factory has a good return policy. Now I'm just waiting for that refund. At least the sweater was nice. Now I'm just rambling, so back to the spree.

I wanted to find a cute pair of summer flats. I was on a mission. And it really helped that I sold back my textbooks and surprisingly got a good wad of cash back for them. That rarely happens. So I treated myself. I know, super great at being a grown up with money. You guys probably have a lot of faith in me. I went straight to the J.Crew Factory store in Lehi. Yeah they have one there Provo girls. Shhhhhh. Don't go it's terrible. (Hopefully you can tell I'm being sarcastic.)

On the search for the perfect summer shoe and I found them! 45% off! (P.S. Factory stores basically sell all last season  or overstock merchandise at really great prices...it is rad and who really cares that you are wearing last season's shoes when they are the cutest things ever!)  AND they give you a 15% student discount when you show them your student ID! How cool is that? Simply hospitable, really.

I featured these in a wishlist once upon a time and now I actually own them!

J.Crew Factory Emery Flats
Did I also mention that all J.Crew Factory stores are having 50% off everything this weekend? I don't think I did. So now you know. Now you know. Get in your car and drive to the closest store now! My mom came and picked me up for the weekend and we went directly there. After fighting off all the women in bubble necklaces, color blocked to the max outfits and  high heels I got my hands on two more things that I had my eye on when I went the day before. Before the sale was going on. Did I mention they were 50% off and I had money from selling my text books back?!

Factory Sanur Dress
I saw the anchor print on my adorable friend Carley and I was drooling for it, but when I went a girl had the last medium and she was already wearing it around the store while shopping for items so I opted for the same dress in bright persimmon..or poppy red (if you're following this spring's color trend) That's totally cool though because I need more solid bright skirts in my wardrobe just like any other girl. Plus, it can be word three ways. I am going for the skirt option. It's adorable. And it looks great with the flats. 

And then there was this necklace...

Factory Stone Fan Necklace
It was the last one and it was missing a stone. I was trying to tell myself that I didn't care, but I really did. I was about to let it go when a sweet girl behind me at check out pointed out the perfectly all stones there necklace on display. I took it. So thank you kind and oh so lovely and impeccably dressed stranger and thank you to the sales associate who brought it down. Now I can where this coral and navy bauble all summer long and think of you!

And that was that. And I will say I'm very happy. So what if it's not J.Crew...J.Crew. It's J.Crew Factory and I think that's pretty wallet and fashion savvy. So wait a while for that bedazzled sweater that you have always wanted from the City Creek J.Crew. Wait a while and get the discounted version with a little less bedazzle at the J.Crew Factory. Plus, a little less bedazzle will remain in style longer and you can wear it with knit wear. We all know that's a struggle sometimes.

Now I'd just like to mention the picks my lovely lady friends got and things that I think you should snatch up or check out when you go to the sale this weekend...

Kaitlyn's pick!

Factory Long Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton
 Can you say classy? Can you say "I'm going to go see my handsome BYU boyfriend graduate in this frock?"

Megan's Picks (with an honorary Gap purchase because they too are having a 50% off sale at the Gap Factory Outlet)

Factory garment-dyed skinny jeans

Luxlight crew cardigan

And my other picks!

1 // I am really just a sucker for statement jewelry right now.
2 // Oh man let's begin the polka dot frenzy!
2 // I tried on a kelly green version of this and it was one of the most flattering skirts ever.
3 // Behold another adorable sweater. EVERYONE wanted this one today. I mean everyone.
 4 // I was going to get this but they only had size 12 and 14 left.
5 // A dress version? $40 as well. Sizes failed me though.
6 // I searched everywhere for this one. Isn't yellow so happy?
7 // This screams Rachel Parcell from The Pink Peonies.
8 // A girl can never have too many striped things. Never.

So what do you think about J.Crew Factory? Are you a sucker for great deals like I am?

P.S. Share your picks with me!

Stay gold!

I feel like I should say stay money savvy as well! Your wallet and stylish closet will thank you!

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  1. Hi! I was googling emery flats review and your post came up!

    How does the emery flat run? I'm thinking about getting a pair since they're going for a good price online right now - you can get ahold of me at girlsandtheirpearls98@gmail.com




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