Shoes, a pretty necklace, and some pants.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pants that won't show that I gained 5. I know I should treat myself better and stop beating myself up about it, but the more I joke about it the better I feel. Laugh at yourself, that's what I always say. Except I don't. Except, now you probably all think that I hate myself, I don't. I just feel incredibly snarky, sassy and sarcastic today. Shame on me. Anyway, here's a wishlist.

1 // I am still on the hunt for the perfect red shoe. Whether it be a flat, a bootie, a sneaker, a sandal. The perfect red needs to be found. Or else this summer tan on my legs will go to waste. It shall not go to waste, I say! (These are quite the splurge, but have you seen them on? They are dreamy.)
2 // The J.Crew Factory Emery flat in Black? Yes, please. These patent leather beauties are an absolute pain to break in, as are many shoes, but they are totally worth it when they are. Who votes that I get the Emery flat in every color? I mean look at that price. Of course, I do.
3 // GET. OUT. OF. TOWN.
4 // Vans for J.Crew AKA overpriced sneakers that can be found for half the price at the outlets. Still, Vans are my go to sneak. Vans and white converse.  And those shoe laces. Yeah, come on. P.S. I'm on the hunt for white converse. I haven't white converse'd it up in years.
5 // Oh so J.Crew has just made the cutest pants ever. I am a sucker for Chino everything. Chino skinnies especially. Every color is fabulous too. Plus, these are super flattering. Really though. Flattering.
6 // I love this. I always oogle over it whenever I'm at the outlets. Doubled up it is sooooooo pretty. It's on sale now. Jump on that, before I do.

That's all for today folks. I'm still dreaming about swing dresses. I can't wait to get my hands on one and then a pair of these shoes and then that necklace. An outfit in the making, my friends. Wishing always warms the soul. Happy wishing and stay gold.

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