Monday, October 7, 2013

I really should be finishing my homework, but the stress has settled deep in my skin and I can't clear my mind. Today the only thing I can really remember feeling peace about was a boy in a wheelchair that I saw on campus today. Grumpily, I was making my way across campus and there he was, speeding away on his wheelchair and in my mind I thought..wow wouldn't that be nice. To get across campus so fast. And then...just then I saw him struggle to reach the button to open the door and I looked down at my own legs. My working legs. Legs that moved me across campus. Legs. Strong and secure and moving. Fluidly, sometimes clumsy, sometimes tired but working. And I felt overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with my ingratitude. Sometimes I complain about how far my legs take me or how tired they get before they can take me anywhere...and then I remember that that boy can't use those legs on his body. They just don't listen to his brain the way they should. Oh boy I wish they did work for him. Oh boy I wish that he could feel what I feel....and he never will until a better and more beautiful day. But I thank him. I thank him for teaching me a lesson today. I needed it.

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