Inspired // Oversized everything and a few other lovelies.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1 // Shift dresses with dynamic patterns are perfect for the Spring and Summer. I mean everything about this outfit is perfect for the weather outside right now. 

2 // If caftans are back...I never want them to go away. 

3 // I love the perfectly blue embroidery. Don't you want a white dress with embroidery on it? 

4 // Adidas. *drools* 

5 // Oversized and structured. Nothing better, really. 

6 // An oversized denim shirt is what dreams are made of. 

7 // My kind of combination. This really is my go to look in the Fall when I get dressed for church. 


9 // A gray midi skirt that could make anyone happy! 

10 // I snatched this perfectly oversized shirt for $7.68 yesterday guys. Biggest steal of my life. I can't even believe it. It is such a good thing. 

11 //  Me in a dream. Oversized white shirts are also everything. Oversized anything is everything. Just accept it. 

+ s t a y // i n s p i r e d 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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