Monday Musing // Good Vibes Only

Monday, June 9, 2014

1 // Guys, have you noticed that people who think they are right all of the time end up being not very nice? And they always need  to be right. It's like there is no other way for them. So I am going to stop being that kind of person and I am going to practice kindness. You know me, I am an advocate for kindness. Always. Because guys it's so important. I don't care if you don't share the same beliefs, sexual orientation, race, what the freaking ever... You can disagree all the time, but you better be nice. You BETTER be nice. Okay now I'm not being nice. You know what I mean though right? Have I made my point?

2 // We should all aspire to be givers! Guys, I'm sorry I am on this soap box. I gotta stop. Never!

3 // Never forget that even though I rant about kindness..that you are beautiful. You are all beyond beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me and being so wonderful to me every day.

You are my inspiration. You lift me up and help me want to be better every day.

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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