Wishlist Wednesday // Wishes for 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I've been thinking about goals and resolutions and I don't think I'm going to share them on here. I'm not sure how I feel about goals and resolutions, but I have some, but I think I'll keep the really personal ones in my heart. In my journal. Things like that, you know?  I'm going to share some style goals today, because it's wishlist wednesday!

Style goals are awesome and I've been setting them since high school. Kind of superficial? Yes. Kind of substance-less? To some, but I love my style goals. What I wear doesn't define me, but it is a part of me. Here they are.

1 // I want to attempt to capsule my wardrobe. For those of you who don't know what a capsule is...here you go. I just really love the idea of minimalizing my wardrobe. You don't have to minimize the colors or style of pieces, but you minimize the amount. It's absolutely refreshing, the idea of it. Honestly, I want a uniform and I think I making the steps to having one. It sounds crazy, but I'm going to try it!

2 // Speaking of uniforms, I'm going to add color to mine. I love neutrals, but it's time for more  pops of red and jewel tones.

3 // I also want to add fitted more structured pieces to my uniform. I love flowy, boxy, oversized pieces, but I need to "professionalize and tailor" my wardrobe. It's time. I'm growing up and it's time. You don't get internships for magazines by wearing ripped jeans and baggy t-shirts.

4 // I am going to strictly stay within the bounds of my budget! I really will. It's important to do that. I need to save money and that means I need to sacrifice buying all the clothes I want when I want them.

5 // Next I'm going to shop for clothes that only make me the most comfortable and the most me. I am going to feel comfortable in the clothes that drape over me and I'm going to be confident. I'm going to rock it, and I encourage all of you to do the same! (p.s. I'm going to do daily uniform posts. I want you to take a picture of yourself in an outfit that makes you feel the most YOU. Describe why you love it and I'll share it on the blog....in fact, I think I will come up with questions for it. Wish me luck and I hope to hear about your inspiration and daily uniform.)

What are some of your style goals? Any trends you want to try? Any risks you want to take? Tell me, tell me!

+ h a p p y // w i s h i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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