Runway Recap // Jason Wu, Jenny Packham, Jill Stuart, Kanye West X Adidas Original, Kate Spade

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jason Wu knows how to dress women, and he's dressed about all of them. The black shoes with this white frock just work. His collection was an eclectic mix of work-wear, tailored tops, shimmering details, and white gracefulness. This would be an amazing, unconventional wedding dress. 

When I think Jenny Packham, I think femininity. Pure femininity. Her gowns are so major. A little bohemian inspired, a little surge of 1970's, and a little bit of glitter can take you far, as Jenny Packham shows us. Luxurious and modern, but with a dramatic flair like a black and white movie. That's her in a nutshell to me. Oh another thing about Jenny Packham, her wedding dresses are by far the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I almost got one for my wedding. True story. But oh the money my parents would have had to drop. 

(She dresses Kate Middleton; shut the front door.) 

Cute girls in cute, short dresses with the best shoes. That's Jill Stuart for you. 

Ok, Kanye, I only like these two pieces because you collabed with Adidas. It's hard for me to like you, but that pink number is the bomb. I want all of the tights, but I could go without the "I'm naked, but I'm not" look. Maybe it's too high fashion for me, or  maybe I'm just modest by nature. That oversized t-shirt though. Dreamy. 

And then Kate Spade walks through the door and makes all my wildest dreams come true. Oh Kate Spade. Dear, lovely, adorable, perfect, sporty chic, Kate Spade. Kate Spade makes happiness happen in fashion week. You get invited to her show/presentation and you are the most beloved person. You are the coolest person too. You are the "It" girl person!  I LOVED her collection. It was Upper East Side Gossip Girl infused with sporty casual amazingness, kinda a la J.Crew. It's like Blair Waldorf,  Serena Van der Woodsen, and Cher from Clucless had the most perfect clad in plaid fashion baby. I. Am. All. About. It. 

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