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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's play a game. Let's play "How wide can Dani open her mouth when she laughs." 

This is my favorite photo. It's so beyond cheesy, but I am all about the cheese. Gouda's my favorite. 

This should have been our engagement photo. 
No wait, this one's my favorite. The slip, people. The slip. 
We are not dirty dancing. I repeat we are NOT dirty dancing. 

I don't really know what to write today. I don't even know if I want to write on this blog anymore...for a while anyway. Listen up, some people are meant for blogs. Others not so much. I think I wanted to be one of those people that was all about the blog, but right now i'm a little disenchanted. I don't think that's so bad.

Lately, all I want to do is spend time with my family and listen to a lot of oldies. I'm all about the oldies. Right now, I'm watching my sister draw the most beautiful things. She's a real talent. Right now, instead of sitting at this screen I want to discuss the sagittarius constellation with her and I want to eat my mom's home-cooked meals and I want to take in the breeze. I also want to go to California. And we're doing that.

We're gonna live there for the next four months. And I've cried a little bit about it, but life is about the adventures. Some adventures are right in your home town others are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. But you're meant to go on them regardless of their proximity to home.

I'm going through some body insecurities right now. It's kind of hard for me to get out of these funks, but I think I can handle it.

That's why i'm a little disenchanted with this social media world filled with girls with the best hair, makeup, clothes and babies. I'm over it. I don't hate those girls, in fact a lot of them I am enchanted with, but sometimes it gets you down. A lot of people will tell me to just get over it because I'm jealous or something like that.  Sometimes you let them make you feel inadequate.

I don't want this blog to be a fashion blog. It's more of a personal lifestyle blog. Heck, it's just a blog. A plain, old, utah-mormon-girl-looking-for-an-outlet kind of blog. It's more for me, but for some people it's really helped them or been something they enjoy reading, so I would like to keep going. I think I just need to re-focus or what have you.

Let's re-focus together.

Dress: The Gap
Lips: Nars 'Cruella'
Glasses: Warby Parker


  1. Those pictures are the cutest! You're adorable and so pretty.

  2. I hope you continue writing in the future. Your rawness in writing resonates so deeply with me. I constantly tell my mom and sister to check it out and consistently bring it up. You my dear are lovely and wonderful and I just love you all up all the time. Thanks for reminding me that struggles and imperfection is okay and a part of this whole process. I heart you a lot. :-)


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