Friday Favorites

Friday, May 25, 2012

1. The Avengers. I went on a sister/brother date with my oldest brother and little sister. It was so fun. We ate junk food and watched The Avengers. I am just so in love with Captain America/Steve Rogers/Chris Evans. Oh and the Hulk. I love him too. And Loki...okay I just love them all. Even Black Widow.

2.  Cheryl, the beautiful Sales Associate that I had the pleasure of meeting today at J. Crew. You were so helpful and well dressed. You knew that I couldn't possible afford the gorgeous polka dotted dress I love so much, but you made me feel like a queen when you let me try it on and suggested different ways to wear it. You were a girl after my own heart. Thanks for being so lovely.

Big-shot dot dress

3. The two sales associates that I met at the Michael Kors store. You also knew that I could not afford the watch that I had my eye on but you let me try it on anyway. Then you proceeded to compliment my own watch. I don't know if it was a Michael Kors exclusive but you sure made me feel like I had the best watch in all of Salt Lake.

I really love exceptional customer service. Sometimes it just makes your day...well it makes mine anyway. Especially when I don't purchase anything and they still make you feel good.

4. Philly Cheese Steak. I have yet to try a real one but I think they are delicious.

5. Girls days out with your sister and mom.

6. Date night with your brother and sister.

7. Coming home to a cozy bed.

Life is good.
What are you favorites for the week? Have you seen The Avengers? Who is your favorite? Comment below. Have a nice night everybody. See you tomorrow!


  1. I love that you do this. You are a really classy, grateful, beautiful, top-notch lady.
    Yes, I have seen the Avengers..TWICE! It's my 2nd favorite movie right now. Thor/Chris Hemsworth is my favorite...I LOVE HIS EYELASHES.

    My favorites this week: (Pt. 1, because this is a really, REALLY long comment)
    1. Seeing the Hunger Games. TWICE. I hadn't read the books....AND YOU BET YOUR LEFT EYEBROW I AM GONNA READ THOSE ALL OVER THE COURSE OF 3 THREE DAYS. No sleep for this woman! Also, I cried like a baby when Rue died. This means a lot
    2. Getting pooped on by a bird. So last weekend I was in Logan with my bestie, Kelli, and we were out to get shave ice. I was standing in line when I was bombed right in the chest by a flying creature. At first I thought I had been shot and I really wanted to cry out,"I'VE BEEN HIT! EVERYONE DOWN! WE'RE BEING INVADED."But instead, I just kinda swiped the poo off impulsively and then I realized what had happened. Not one of the ten people in line saw what had happened, but I thought I should let people know what happened. So, I oh so wittily announced, "Dude, I just got pooped on by a bird. I feel so violated. THE WORLD IS NO LONGER A SAFE PLACE!" Then I felt like a secret agent or some most-wated target of a foreign government somewhere. I was on my toes the rest of the day. Kinda more sneaky-sneak, more paranoid. But in a good way. And then I called my mom to tell her what happened and she said,"OH, DEARY! That's really good luck in Italy!"
    3. Talking to random strangers on the bus/train/plane. I took public transit to get back to Provo from North Ogden. On the Front Runner I met a man who had just got out of jail. He had been in for 7 years for being in a high speed chase a while back. He was a really awesome guy that seemed really excited about life and people---he had talked to the same people for 7 years, and he was happy to meet new people. We started talking and he found out that I am an artist and he's commissioned me to do a drawing of his son for a more than fair amount of money. Another guy I met - we'll call him "Ronnie"--asked me questions and talked with me for three hours while we waited for a bus and rode to Provo on the bus. His mind is so unique and it was good talking with him. He was a really good listener and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. We exchanged numbers and now we're gonna do something next Friday. Magical, huh? How that can happen. Just some random strangers bump into each other and change a person's course even just a little. I love that.

    1. ( p.s. I just realized that I didn't finish explaining my 1st listed favorite. Allow me to :) )
      ....This means a lot because ... I never cry anymore. I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but I think I am broken. Crying is a big part of me, but I think that the Hunger Games may have fixed me! IT'S A MIRACLE

  2. (Pt. 2)
    4. Eating. Eating lots. SOOO MUCH. And not even caring about the calories---I just enjoyed who I was with while I ate ALL THE THINGS and enjoyed the colorful flavors of what I consumed. It was really liberating to not care.
    5. Seeing my sister walk at Weber High Graduation. I cheered for every single person that walked that day (everyone needs love!!) but I cheered the loudest for my sister. She's my best friend and I am so proud of her.
    6. Making weird faces at people as I pass them in their cars and having them make weird faces back. LOVED IT.
    7. (Last, but not least) Seeing my best guy friend after a week. This man friend of mine is THE SHIZ. And we've spent every single day together for the past 4 months. Sooo... a week apart from him felt like forever. He usually goes to bed at 9 because he works early custodial, but he let me come over at a quarter til 9 anyway. I brought oreos (it's our thing) and we caught up a little. He gave me a face hug (those hugs are the ones he gives me when it's been 20+ hours since we've seen each other). Now, technically it was only supposed to be a 10-minute visit, but it turned into a 4-hour visit. We get distracted and caught up in our little world with discussions of art, of animations, of gospel stuff, of his future wife with beefy arms, of our lives, of our dreams. It's always easy to lose track of time with him and every second/minute/hour with him is time well spent. I sure had missed him those 7 long days. It's always good to be reunited with one of your favorite people.

    Sorry that that was so long. But thank you for inspiring me to think about the good things in life and allowing me this wondrous place (that is your blog) to share these things! I will look forward to every "Friday Favorites" post. :)

  3. might hate me for such a short response, but this is amazing. Amazing isn't even the right word. Thank YOU Karly for commenting something so inspiring.

    1. ahaha! I could not hate you for that! It was a looong comment and you need to rest your mind from all the things I have thrown into its path. Now, you are just a sweetheart.

  4. You never gave me a bite of your cheese steak. I guess this just means we'll have to go back...


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