Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's post is dedicated to the best man I know. The greatest, the smartest, the kindest, the most patient, the most loving, the most caring Dad in the entire world. My Daddy-O Francisco. I sure do love him.

Here are some things he has taught me throughout the pictures (tee hee) 

1. Pursue an education
This is my dad graduating from sixth grade. From my dad's wee ages to his age now, he has always told us to do our best in school and get the best education we can.

2. Don't stand in front of the sun to take a picture. Always look good in a picture. Stand on someone elses car to get a good looking picture. I think all of us can say that our Dad's were the first instagrammmmmerrrs.

3. Share your talents. My dad can dance...he just never shares it anymore. Hopefully by seeing this he'll break out his moves. Look at him at BYU. Dancing for Lamanite Generation, now Living Legends.
Him doing the coffee grinder for a Living Legends reunion. What a stud.
4.  Marry your best friend...the love of your life.

5. Do what you love and keep doing it.
My dad takes photos of birds, nature, people, everything...and he runs A LOT.

6. Love your children, your family, and others. My dad is the most loving person I know. He is so understanding and accepting. Man I hope I can be like him one day.

Thank you Dad for everything. I love you to the moon and back. You are my favorite.


  1. This blog post melted my heart.

  2. I'm with Francisco on this one. Your dad is so awesome and I am glad that there are cool people like him to teach us how to live a full life.

  3. Dani I absolutely love this. And don't you love looking through old pictures! They were totally instagramming before us with their polaroids naturally on the earlybird filter ;)


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