Playlist Thursday: New Stuff

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes, that's right. I actually have NEW songs/albums to share with you today! Can you believe it? I know me neither, I have been on a Gotye/Bon Iver buzz lately. You would think that I would never get out of it, but I did well sort of...I may have one song by Justin Vernon on here. You can forgive me though, because it's a good one.  I'll start with that one.

1. A Song For a Lover Long Ago by Justin Vernon 

"I have buried you. Every place I've been, you keep ending up in my shaking hands."

Even if it's over you can still love someone so deeply. This song is true love. True love in music form. 

2. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran 

"Oh no, my heart's against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck. I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet. And with this feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now."

Another love song. Falling in love is a beautiful thing. I would imagine anyway.

From his absolutely fantastic and beautiful album "+". Check it out on iTunes, on Spotify. Just check it out. I love it so much.

3. Maybe Not Tonight by Glen Hansard 

"Memories of another town...those pretty eyes, that pretty frown. And in the long grass where we lay, and let the whole world fall away. And though in time we walked apart, you were always in my heart.
Maybe we should say goodbye, but maybe not tonight. I remember you were just a child, burning brightly and running wild. We married on an August priest, no church, just the big moon shining bright."

I have the Hunger Games soundtrack to thank for introducing me to Glen Hansard. He wrote many of the songs for the artists that performed them on the record. He sings one himself and it just got me hooked. I became obsessed and had to find every song he ever sang. Guess what? It's another love song! YAY!

It's about a love that might be over, but there is still a connection there so they are putting off the "over" part.  Maybe being apart is good for them, but they would rather take the risk and stay together. That's beautiful. His album "Rhythm and Repose" really is lovely I suggest giving it a listen.

4. Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

"They say, "My God is a good God and he cares."

One of the best things about Tumblr is the music blogs. You can find so many hidden treasures. This obviously is one that I found. 

5. Midnight City- M83

Just imagine driving through the Ogden Valley, windows down, wind blowing through your hair, with this blasting. It's a thrill.

6.  Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

"We lie beneath the stars at night. Our hands gripping each other tight. You keep my secrets, hope to die. Promises, swear them to the sky"

*Word to the wise* Like a boy that thinks he's the biggest music hipster, (when really he's not) but has really good taste in music. He will make your ears and iPod very happy.

You know what to do! Listen, enjoy, comment, stay golden.


  1. Thanks for the music Dani! I'll totes def be adding these to my playlist- I love Atlas Hands.

  2. And Also- How cute is that music video for it??

  3. Totes def do it. Totes def super cute!


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