Wishlist Wednesday: On Top

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So last wishlist wednesday my post consisted of a lot of pants, shorts, and skirts. Today I thought the upper half of the body needed some love. I find myself running into this problem a lot. I have plenty of skirts and pants to wear but I can never be satisfied with the right top.

In an ideal world, I would buy mostly basics and have all the items in my closet go with everything, but I get so drawn in by the fun colors and patterns on tops these days. I will just have to make a basics posts one day, because basics are SO important, but for today you'll just have to settle with the fun tops I have to show you today.

With fun, crazy tops you can take risks and have a really fun outfit. You can mix patterns and bright colors, or you can just pair them with a neutral and have a classic outfit for the day. It doesn't always have to be about patterned or colored pants. Tops need some love too.

1. The Baseball Tee
I have noticed that baseball tees have been really "in" right now, therefore; everywhere I looked they were sold out or EXTREMELY, OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. This is my only basic piece and I was so surprised at the prices I saw. I mean $45 is a lot...but $108 is even more. I know the similar link I posted isn't that similar but the price is A LOT nicer than the others that I saw. 

I love that a baseball tee can be worn with a skirt, over a dress, with a pair of shorts or pants. It is a very versatile piece to have in your closet, especially if you get the right fit, sleeve length, and material.

3. Madewell's assortment of colorful and printed tops. 
Madewell Picks of the Week
1, 2, 3
Madewell has really been distracting lately. Every piece I see from there fits my personal style perfectly. I feel like each piece is unique and can't exactly be duplicated by anyone else. Plus the quality is pretty darn great. No wonder it's called 'Madewell'.
First of all, I love stripes. I think most of my tops are striped, or the tops I always reach for are the striped ones. I just think they are so classic and fun. They go with just about any pattern and really they won't go out of style.

Second, polka-dots are just great. They are cute, quirky, and adorable okay? They come in every size and they are a little retro. I love that.

Third, um...it's a cardigan with heart shaped elbow patches. Need I really say more? If you're not crafty and don't want to do the elbow patch tutorial they have on Pinterest...just give this cardi a look. Oh and it comes striped and in different colors. Love it!

Do you have any wishlist items that you would like to share with me? Comment below with links! I want to know about your style! Also, if there are any great deals going on...let this girl know. Have a great day everybody. 


  1. Sorry about all of the comments from me... But I'm also mad about the baseball tee prices. I really want one but also can't find one under $40-$50 that I love. Have you found any others?

  2. I love your comments. Yeah I am having the same problem. I saw some at Walmart but they were all too big. American Apparel has some but I'm not a big fan of how they look. I don't know that's just me. I will let you know if I can find any!


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