Terrific Tuesday: And I don't have photos...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I usually don't like elaborating on horrible days that I have been having, and I don't really plan to do that today. All I want to say about these past few days is that they have been pretty awful, and I wish to never relive them. Nothing life changing happened, I am not ill, I am not going through an emotional crisis, and I am grateful that none of those things happened. It's just that places that were supposed to be peaceful and calm were not, and people that were supposed to be happy were not, and it just created a pretty dreary Sunday and Monday.

As I looked back on these two days I discovered once again that bad days can be and really are blessings in disguise. Saturday was a blessing in disguise for example. Saturday could have been the most perfect day of my summer. I went to something in the Valley called "Music in the Mountains" with Valley Boy. We sat on blankets on a grassy hill and listened to a band as the sun set below the sky touching mountains. Yep I make that sound a lot more cute and sweet than it was, but hey it was in many ways. First of all, I love people that are not ashamed of their families. I love families and I have to say that I love his family more than most families. Not more than mine but more than most. Haha. Anyway, so when we would be talking or sharing a blanket, a little cousin or brother would come dog pile us, start throwing starbursts, or beg to be dragged down the hill on a blanket and we would gladly do it. I know most people would want alone time with someone they like, but I think I came to get to know him more as I saw him playing with his siblings, talking respectfully to his parents, and not being afraid to dance with me on the hill. Our hands somehow always ended up barely touching, we shared a blanket when it got cold, he discovered my embarrassing snort when I laugh really hard, and I discovered his love for his family. That's all so beautiful to me. Afterwards, we piled back into the family car, his little cousin screaming at me for attention, his brothers knocking into us, and we just sat in the trunk of the car quite content with the evening we just experienced.

I think Saturday was a blessing because Sunday and Monday were going to be so rough. And I think Sunday and Monday were so rough so I could look back and really love my Saturday and look forward to the really good days. So technically, bad days are good days when you really think about it. Every day is a good day even if you think it's horrible, because when you look back on it those bad things help you grow, and you can see the good things in each bad thing. You can say, wow I am sure grateful for that delicious smoothie my sister made me this morning, because all the other food I ate for the rest of the day was less than par. Or I am grateful for Glen Hansard's beautiful music because it drowns out the yelling coming from the next room and it sure beats all the generic stuff you hear nowadays. You can be grateful for Zeppes, because even though you weren't in the mood for a sweet custard Italian ice concoction at least you got to spend a little more time with the person that got it for you. Or I'm grateful for the days I didn't get to go out, because I know there are many ahead where I do. You can be grateful for the days when the person that was angry is happy. You can realize that there are blessings just waiting to shine down on you if you just keep your chin up and keep doing what's right. You can realize that when it seems like no one cares, there is always a big man upstairs that does. There are so many blessings in disguise and yes this past Saturday helped me see all of that. I sure am happy and oh so grateful for that...the only unfortunate thing is that I didn't take any pictures.

Oh well.

Have a terrific tuesday friends. No one wants to experience bad things, but really they come with life. In many ways, we don't pick our lives, our lives pick us (courtesy of Kathryn Stockett's The Help) and we must learn to just look for the good. We must learn to live the best life we can even during the hard stuff. God has a plan for us and we must trust him. Trust in the Lord and he will lead us the way we should go.

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  1. Oh Dani I love you! Obviously you know I've been feeling the same way... I hate those days. But I fully agree with you: what a blessing it is to have bad days in order to realize how amazing the rest of your days are... I'm so happy you had a wonderful time with Valley Boy on that Saturday! Sounds like a great time.


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