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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello friends! Like I said, I was SUPER busy yesterday so I wasn't able to make a Friday Faves post. BUT I kept my promise and I am writing one this fine mornin' as magpies screech outside my window.

Favorite #1: Men that look like this...

Favorite #2: The London 2012 Summer Olympics
The whole world comes together to sweat and a have a good time. We all cheer each other on and there is a spirit of honor and love for our abilities and the people we share them with. I think we actually come together and respect one another for once. I love the olympics.

Favorite #3: My new pumped up kicks
Vans // Hadley

The last pair of sneakers I ever bought were white converse. Then I went on a no sneaker kind of stage...but then I realized I needed some because my converse were pretty hashed. So I went a little out there and bought some high tops. I know they seem a little hip/hop, gangster, punk but I wouldn't be sticking to my style if I didn't buy something a little different and made them my own. Let me tell you though, they were on sale and they look good. Plus, Vans are pretty comfy and durable. Right now malls are having summer clearance sales, so if you are looking for back to school clothes or shoes...go take advantage of the deals.

Favorite #4: Maxi Dresses and Maxi Cardis

bought a looooooooooooong cardi today. LOVE it.

Favorite #5: Schlotzky's Sandwiches
Best thing I ate all week.

Favorite #6: REAL SALT LAKE Game with the Family
Great seats and the whole family was there. Also, we won! 

Favorite #7: Orange/Coral Nails
Coral ombre nails
How I wore my nails this whole week.
Favorite #8: Applying for a Job
Who knows if I'll get the job, but I put a lot of work into my application, and I'm just crossing my fingers. I really need a job for this coming semester. Wish me luck friends.

Favorite #9: Sh*t Fashion Girls Say 
( perfect)

Have any favorites this week? Comment below? Are you watching the Olympics!?! What is your favorite event!?

Have a safe and happy weekend everybody!


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  1. those nails are fabulous! and i absolutely am loving both of those maxi looks. especially the cardigan. what fun!
    xo TJ


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