Monday Musing: First Day of my Second Year

Monday, August 27, 2012

Musings from the first day of my Sophomore Year of college.

My Preparation for Marriage class is full of people ready to get married. In our little "getting to know you" game, I said I wanted a cat for a companion. I got a few nervous chuckles. Eh.

My Joseph Smith and the Restoration class is probably going to change my life. I just know it I CANNOT wait.  Sister Black seems like the coolest and most educated lady on this campus.

The sewing class I'm taking is going to kill me. I just know it. I made two skirts this summer but it was really difficult. I got so stressed out. Mom, please give me your super powers.

Brother Larsen, you are the greatest. We only discussed the syllabus today, but I can already tell that I'm going to absolutely love your Human Development class.

Tomorrow, I have my first teaching class. AHHH nervous.

Tonight, FHE was pleasantly surprising. Yep. Pretty much.

That's all I've been musing about. What about you? Happy first day of school friends! May the school year be merry and bright. And hopefully this Christmas will be white.

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