Terrific Tuesday: Happiness Is Realizing

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happiness is walking into your cool apartment after walking home from campus and it's over 90 degrees outside.

Happiness is returning to the college life that you missed so much.

Happiness is realize that you are going down the right path. Happiness is knowing that you are going to school for what will make you happy. 

Happiness really is that "Oh there you are. I've been looking for you my whole life" kind of feeling. And maybe it doesn't have to do with a person. Maybe it's just that feeling about your goals, dreams, and ambitions. I love that feeling. I love feeling happy, especially when stress and anxiety have been taking over my life. Speaking of anxiety, I haven't updated my anxiety story in a long time. Expect a post about that soon. Talking about high school is always harder.

Anyway, today I had that feeling. The "Oh there you are" one. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only have one class. It's my Exploration to Secondary Teaching: FACS Educators class. Last night, I was so worried. I was worried about how I would feel going into the class. How would I actually feel about going into the FACS ED field of study. Is teaching really going to be for me? Can I do this? Is it all worth the ignorant jokes about my lack of feminism and my constant search for an eternal companion? Is it worth the stress? Is it all worth it? Did I waste my Freshman year, and the hours of researching? I really needed to know. I really was wondering all of those things as I made the 20 minute walk to class.

So the class room was tucked away in a corner of the Business School. A small class room that only fit 25 people. Being the ambitious person that I am, I was the first person there. Couldn't be late to the class that was going to determine my life right? I know.

So the two and a half hour class began. The questions were still running through my mind. My professor is an absolutely hilarious, charming, and lovely woman. Having taught for 20 years, she knows her stuff. As she was telling us her stories and what was expected of us, I noticed the anxiety I was feeling slowly start to slip away. I started to feel at ease. At peace. Then, my professor opened up her scriptures. She began telling us why she became a teacher. That's when the feeling hit me. That's when all of my questions were answered. That's when I said, "Oh there you are, I've been looking for you my whole life." I have found what I want to do with my life. I know what I'm supposed to study in college.

She opened her scriptures to Matthew 5:15...
"Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house."
She went on to say that as teachers we have a light that needs to be shared. The world needs more teachers to share their light with others. We need more people willing to teach others. No matter what the pay is, no matter how crazy the students are, no matter how many bladder infections you get, or how many times you lose your voice. We need to share our lights and teach others.  She shared a quote by David O. Mckay, and that was when the spirit just overwhelmed me. In an address to the leaders and parents of the church.
"No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman], than to be a teacher of God’s children."
Yes, this message was originally for parents raising their children in the gospel, but it really was for me too. My responsibility is to teach God's children. My professor even said that each and every student we have is a child of God. That is a marvelous truth. Every child I teach, every single one of them is a child of my Father in Heaven. He loves them as he loves me. I must teach them. I realized right then and there that I will have not done my job on this earth if I do not teach them.

She ended with words that brought tears to my eyes. She read us Doctrine and Covenants 12:8.
"And no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having faith, hope, and charity, being temperate in all things, whatsoever shall be entrusted to his care."
If I can bring peace into the lives of my students, especially in this chaotic world, then I have succeeded. I know that I want to be a source of safety, peace, and happiness for my students. Life is hard, school is hard, and sometimes we don't have anywhere or anyone to turn to. As I was sitting in class, I realized that I needed to be a teacher so that I could be just that for students. It is all worth it. I had prayers answered today. I am so grateful.

I am so proud to say that I am studying to be a teacher. A FACS ED teacher. Man, that sounds good. I even have a cool lanyard. I feel official.

I love school.

Yes, yes I do. 


  1. I thought happiness was meeting Kyle Van Noy, Brandon Davies, and Ross Apo.

  2. No other place on earth could you feel so inspired about your career choice and your future life!! I've had the same experiences in the past few days, Dani, and I'm glad you have too.

    1. You're so right Leah. I'm so grateful I can feel that way here.


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