Wishlist Wednesday: Pinspiration

Thursday, August 30, 2012

*This was posted on a Thursday, I am fully aware. Two posts in one day? Awww yeah baby.* 

I'm going to make another excuse, and you are going to forgive me. I don't have any specific wishlist items for you today. I am going to share some pinspiration. I figured that if I ever am stumped with my wishlists or favorites posts, just go to pinterest. You will find the inspiration you need, thus creating pinspiration posts. So thank you Pinterest, and thank you readers for sticking with me through my busy college experience. I will get back into the groove of things, just you wait and see.

Really, there is nothing I love more than slouchy sweaters and stripes. This has the perfect combination of both.

I love layering in the fall. I cannot wait to just layer, layer, and layer some more. Now where can I find a cool leather jacket and blazer?

This has nothing to do with fashion but I really want a cup of galaxy. I am going to invent a delicious beverage called Cup of Galaxy. Look how beautiful that is. This is my desktop background right now. I love it.

Lately, I have really wanted more cool graphic tees. The slouchy kind. For those tom boy, street style days.

AH. Such simple yet oh so perfect styling. Look at those shoes! Outfits like these make me want to invest in every single black t shirt and high waisted pair of trousers. Also, the belt is fantastic. I need one of those. You can never have too many brown/cognac belts. 

Totally Kate Moss inspired. Mm...I just love it all. Click the link and drool over the other outfits.

You can find this picture under "GLAM" in the dictionary. Dear lovely lady in this picture, could you be my personal stylist?

The only problem with Fall/Winter fashion is that I want every coat and sweater I see. This Duffle Coat is the best thing I have ever seen. Oh and it's also over 500 dollars. Yay.

I will always be a strong supporter of color blocking. A pop of color is always in fashion. Really though. Don't be a afraid to do it. Click here for more drooling. Feast your eyes upon beautiful outfits.

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