Monday Musing: Destinations

Monday, September 17, 2012

I got to drive from home to Provo by myself yesterday. I used to be so afraid of driving. I was a nervous wreck when it came to driver's ed, I avoided cars and driver instructors, and freeways whenever possible, but then something changed. Slowly, but surely I became confident with driving. I don't know when it happened or what it was, but I was okay. I actually started to enjoy it. So it really was a treat to be able to drive an hour and a half (It was more like an hour....shhh don't tell my mom) all by myself, with music blasting, and the open road ahead of me.

While driving, I observed the other cars speeding by, some lagging behind, others at the same pace as I was. I just looked at the drivers, looked at their faces, if they were singing along to the radio, if they were just looking as I was, I examined the condition of their cars, and I wondered. I wondered where they were headed? I saw them take different exits, I saw them panic as they realized they were in the wrong lane, or if they were afraid of the roaring semis. I just watched and wondered. Where are these people going? What are their destinations?

Are they going home after Sunday dinner at Grandma's house, did they spend a day in Salt Lake? Are they coming home from a weekend trip, or from work? Are they speeding back to make it to a dinner that they were invited to? That was my case. Are they just driving to blow some steam? Are they driving home from the hospital where they visited a dear friend, family member? Is that girl singing as loud as possible because she's feeling free? Is that driver late for a meeting, dinner, or is he just plain rude? Are those parents going crazy from the many "Are we there yets?"

We all have places we need to be, places we want to go, destinations we want to see. No matter how fast or slow, no matter who's coming along or staying behind, I hope we're all getting there. Slowly but surely I am. Are you?

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