Wishlist Wednesday: Something Warm and Cozy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The nights are getting darker, the  mornings are getting cooler. The mountains are turning shades of red, orange, and yellow. I brought my cardigan collection from home. Fall will be here in a matter of days people, and I cannot wait any longer. Get ready for the best wishlists so far, because fall means fashion season! Here we go...

1. ASOS Textured Knit Snood
I have decided that EVERYONE needs a snood for Fall and Winter.  This one from ASOS is perfect. It's affordable, it will keep your neck and chest warm, you can wear it with just about everything. Dress it up or dress it down and you have a statement piece that everyone will want. Really though, give me that whole outfit the model is wearing. I want that sweater too.

2. HATCH Collection: Maternity
So I'm not going to be pregnant any time soon, but I saw this post by Elaine Hearn and I got the baby bug...or the strong desire to wear these maternity clothes. The great thing about them though, is that you can wear them even if you're not pregnant, and seeing as I LOVE oversized clothing, this collection is perfect for me. I'll take the whole outfit, especially that coat and those leather leggings...and the beanie...yes the beanie.

3. All things Polka-Dot
These just went on sale at American Eagle. And this shirt would be perfect paired with a pretty cardigan, cargo skinnies, a scarf, or a black maxi. Polka dots are a pattern that will never go out of style. They are just like stripes..they even go with stripes!

4. Dark Printed Pants...Cords preferably.
Before you say anything nasty about Cordouroy, they are the best pants for fall. They are comfortable and they keep you warm. So give your jeggings or sweats a break and slip on a pair of these. The print is subtle, yet still unique enough to make everyone say,"HEY, I want those." They are a different take on the floral, printed, and colored jeans trend. You could wear these with every print and every shirt. I dare you to try it. Also, Madewell has the best styling, they make you want to buy the whole outfit. So I'll take the cords, plus the striped shirt and the flats. Who wouldn't?

What's on your Fall Wishlist? Comment below and if you want to see more of my favorite fall fashions, follow me on Pinterest! We can drool over beautiful clothes together!  Have a lovely day friends! 


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