Playlist Thursday: Some Beautiful Things...

Friday, September 21, 2012

1. Don't You Give Up On Me by Milo Greene 

"I'll go, I'll go, I'll go wherever you go
and I will never leave without letting you know

don't you give up on me

don't you give up on me

we're told, we're told, we're told we'll never get old so don't you ever show them, show them our bones

we'll dig, we'll dig, we'll dig our own little hole, then put our walls around it and call it our home

don't you give up on me.

don't you give up on me.

cause you're all I got

and time won't stop." 

Over the summer, a friend of mine gave me a summer playlist and this was the first song that played. It is such a beautiful "transition" type of song. I could see it being played in a montage in a movie, or at the end of an inspiring movie. Now every time I listen I think of the end of the school year and the summer days that are ahead.

2. Obsessions by Marina and the Diamonds 

"You never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that made you weak."

Marina from Marina and the Diamonds has such an interesting voice. It reminds me of Florence Welch's voice, but definitely doesn't have the ethereal edge that Florence has.  Marina does a lot of sing/talk and she has different inflections, but it all just works. Her lyrics are VERY different. At first it was hard for me to listen to, but it just gets to interesting that you can't help but love it. To me it's beautiful in its own way. Plus, it's a song with themes of OCD. Yeah it would be my kind of song.

You should also check out "Girls" and "I Am Not a Robot" by her.

3. The House You're Building by Audrey Assad 

"All my life you've been calling me to a home, you know I've been needing."

Can I please have her talents? I want to sing like her, I want to play music like she does, and I want to write songs like her. Thank you iTunes for this Freebie from oh so long ago. Gorgeous I tell you. Simply gorgeous. This is another one of those "transition" songs. I will add this to my soundtrack when I finally make the movie that is forever playing in my head.

I apologize that this is late, Thursdays are always my craziest days of the week. Tonight I'll write a favorites post, so stay tuned and stay golden!

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