Friday Favorites: So Busy, But SO Blessed

Friday, September 21, 2012

Favorites of the week.

1. Although I'm desperately trying to catch up in school, I have been so grateful for the moments of reflection I had this week. I had the opportunity to go chaperone some students on a hike this week. It was up this beautiful trail and at the end there was a waterfall. The trees were all vibrantly colored. Yellow. Orange. Red. Green. The sun was peeking through. It was so lovely. I was able to relax and breathe in nature. I was able to forget the stressful things I have had to do. Yes, I still need to write two papers, but I sure am glad I got a break from remembering them.

Here are some of the Instagrams I took while on the hike...

The Trail 

Fall is here. 

Just a hipstagram.

And finally...the waterfall. My calves were burning and my voice was giving out from yelling at students to stop running on the edge of the cliff. You would think they would be smart enough to know NOT to do that. 

2. BYU Football
I know, I can't believe I'm saying it...but it was a favorite. Yeah we lost and it was heartbreaking and I wanted to throw the TV out the window, but I was surrounded by the greatest people. And it makes it worth it. I mean really though. I love my ward.

3. Not having to go to the Sewing lab.
That is always a blessing. I get to sew at home with my mom. YES!

4. Passing my TSA.
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and blogger. I owned you!

5. A visit from Valley Boy.
He makes me happy. What to do. What to do....hmmm.

6. Red Robin

7. Candles...specifically ones that smell like French Baguettes. Seriously smells like freshly baked bread. Ohhh yes.

So I posted something everyday! I am back in the groove! Thanks for sticking around friends. Leave me your favorites in the comments and STAY GOLDEN! Always.



  1. This makes me miss you!!

  2. Those fall colors are PERFECT--gorgeous shots. I'd love to take a fall hike...but waddling up a trail 34 weeks pregnant probably wouldn't work out so well. :)

    the Reverie blog

    1. Thank you! I love the fall so much. It's quite the lovely season. Haha that would be hard. Congratulations though! That is absolutely exciting! Best wishes!


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