Wishlist Wednesday: 5 Things I'm Wishing/Grateful For

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1. Glitter T-Strap Ballet Flats

J. Crew
Although I'm wishing for these, I am grateful for the shoes I do have. For the blessing it is to be able to go get a new pair when there are holes in the soles of others. Heck, to be able to go get a new pair when I don't actually need a new pair. I'm grateful that I have something to cover my feet on these cold winter days.

2. Polka-Dot Snood

J. Crew
I'm grateful for scarves that can add the perfect amount of warmth on those extra brisk days. When I was little, scarves literally saved me from getting horrible coughs. Or...my mom drilled it in me to wear scarves because they "would keep me from getting sick" that I just thought that.

3.  Giant Bow Sweater

J. Crew
Oh yes, the article of clothing that makes up most of my Fall/Winter wardrobe. The sweater. Boy, am I grateful for these or what? There's nothing better than sweater weather.

4.  Majesty Peacoat and Stadium-cloth Boulevard Trench

Isn't it a blessing to have a warm coat? To be able to put something on to shield you from the cold?

And just because I think it's cute....

5. Floral Text Top by Oysho

This may sound silly, but I'm grateful for adorable things. I'm grateful that there are beautiful things to look and pretty things to discover. It's okay to be grateful for material things...as long as you really know what to be truly grateful for. The spiritual things, the things of the heart.

What are you grateful for?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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