Friday Favorites: The Loveliest of Things

Thursday, December 20, 2012

If you haven't noticed, I really like the word lovely. And I like lovely things. I love them. Really. This week I was able to discover many lovely things and I can't wait to share them with you.

1.  I want Engagement // Wedding photos JUST like this. Everything is so simple and classy. Her dress is beautiful and they are a beautiful couple. Look at those smiles? It doesn't get better than that.  One day, one day.

2. Stendig 2013 Calendar 
Mommy bloggers always have to post the best last minute gift guides. Thank you Sydney. Maybe Santa can slip it under the tree. Who could say no to a piece of art?

3. DeYarmond Edison
Bon Iver broke up and it always hurts me to know that there won't be any new music or lovely melodies coming from Justin Vernon's mouth anytime soon, but on tumblr a follower posted a song by DeYarmond Edison. I listened and noticed that it was indeed Justin Vernon. It's not anything new, in fact it's fairly old. 2005 old, but the music is still beautiful and quite different from the Bon Iver stuff. I love it. So enjoy this song. It's my favorite one.

P.S. I really love it when artists have hidden bands that you never know about but end up discovering and lovely.

4. We Bought a Zoo soundtrack. 
Thank you Karly...I hope your heart is healed, but I really appreciate that you were listening to this the other day. It reminded me of my love for the music and the movie. Listen and love.

5. Penelope, Meet Me in St. Louis, White Christmas, Home Alone, and A Christmas Carol (every version)
The movies that my family and I have watched so far this break. There are many more to come. I can't wait for It's a Wonderful Life, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Dark Knight Rises.

6. James and Aubrey
Another wedding that I just never get tired of looking at. James has a blog...James is the girl. I was pleasantly surprised. She couldn't get anymore awesome. The Bleubird Blog is now a FAVORITE! She has 4 kids and the most beautiful wedding photos. You can find them here and here. Get ready to "ooh and ahh" at its loveliness.

What lovely things have  you discovered this week? I hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay gold...

OH and let me not forget. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

P.S. maybe i'll post a little bit. stay tuned.

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