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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here it is. My J.Crew Factory Wishlist. The prices are a little bit more manageable. Not sponsored as usual. Be excited. Everything is beautiful, naturally.

 Who else is a sucker for sequin accents and simple shirts? 

I feel like a white button up/popover will shift my wardrobe from teeny to sophisticated up and coming college student.

I have always wanted a red cardigan. I feel like red goes with everything. Polka dots, stripes, navy, yellow, everything. 

Joanna Goddard over at Cup of Jo did a post on sweatshirt dresses and I became obsessed. I want to buy ALL the sweatshirt dresses. Who's with me?

5 // 6
I am so ready for skirt weather. I mean you can wear skirts now, but with the wind and wet snow...they don't make the best bottoms. 

The most expensive piece in this wishlist, but boy is it beautiful or what? It's the cutest sundress. Can't you see yourself going picnicking in this? Okay...well a nice classy picnic.

8 // 9
Desperately seeking flats because snow boots just aren't cutting it anymore.

Do you like the J.Crew Factory? What are your favorite pieces on the site? What are your thoughts on prices, considering the quality?
 Happy wishing! 

P.S. Notice that extra 40% final sale items? Take advantage of that. Pronto.


  1. i love sweatshirt dresses! and those shoes are darling. i like the factory store, but only when stuff is marked down, i'd never buy anything full price because it's guaranteed to go on sale!

    1. I feel the exact same way! Shopping a sale is ALWAYS the way to go.

  2. What great picks! Love that heart skirt, and those shoes!
    xo TJ


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