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Friday, February 8, 2013

So I didn't have any wishes today (or yesterday), but I do have a playlist. If you are a looking for some past wishlists, click the little tab above that says "wishlists". If you want to go shopping, I suggest Gap for one of the greatest sales in the history of sales (I am totally exaggerating but it is pretty good.) It is still going on, but the pickings might be slim. There are neon khaki skinnies for $1.97, no joke. AND I happened to pick up two things. One for $9.00 and the other for $12.00. Deal? YES! Now for the playlist...

1. Sailboats by Brooke Fraser

"We're adrift on a sailboat. My love is the sea, yours is the horizon...constant and steady. You set my landlocked heart afloat, lifted my lonesome sails. The tide is out, the moon is high. We're sailing."

2. May Waltz by Brooke Fraser

"I've got the will to love you always, through the chilliest winter, the hot summer haze. I have got the will to love you always. I have got the will to love. Honey, I know it won't always be sweet. Loving a person is not a small feat. Don't give up on me and I won't on you. Pack your bags baby 'cause I'm taking you."

3. Go Your Own Way by Lissie

4. Shenandoah by Goldmund

5. Beth/Rest (Rare Book Room Version) by Bon Iver 

Are you tired of me sharing Beth/Rest because I'm not.

6. Chicago (adult contemporary easy listening version) by Sufjan Stevens

Happy listening. Enjoy the snow outside. Be safe. Stay gold. 
p.s. stay tuned for a friday favorites. and sorry my posts were inconsistent this week.

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