Pancakes, Potato Chowder, and Panda

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Friday Favorites time again and as you can see by the title I will be talking about food...mostly. Yeah maybe just food. Okay I'll try to fit a few moments and people in there. This is going to be long and rambly but fortunately there are pictures at the end. Eeee!

1. South African
Now I know that sounds weird, but there is this pretty darn good looking kid in my Family Finance class and we had been making that awkward but totally butterfly inducing eye contact thing that college students do for several classes and then he finally stopped to talk to me. Now I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend but it doesn't hurt that he complimented my shirt and says hi to me every time we see each other. ALSO, he's from South Africa, he plays rugby, and he has the best accent on this planet. P.S. I know his name but I don't want to be EVEN MORE CREEPY than I already am by sharing this little story.

2. Cool Runnings
Did you know that Jamaica had a bobsled team? Classic movie and it never fails to make me feel good inside.

3. Weekend visits from my oldest brother Frankie. I'm grateful for the Jamba Juice and Del Taco that he buys for me. What a quality guy.

4. Retail Therapy with the roommates. The sale at Gap and Bath and Body Works was grand.

5. Cheddar Pretzels...yeah pure deliciousness in a snack. Give me some and I will love you forever.

6. Rays of sunshine.

7. When my brother came for his visit he brought a little rice cooker and some BCBG Generation bracelets that my mother so kindly sent my way. I love her to pieces.

8. Cutie Clementines and Chaela Mcdonald.

7. Whoosh Cecil! Ice cream from the BYU Creamery. Caramel, chocolate, and sugar cashews. So good. Oh and let's not forget Megan Fairchild and the chicken strips we devoured.

8. National Pancake Day and a free short stack from Ihop.

9. Homemade Potato/Corn Chowder.

10. Homemade Panda Express Noodles

11. Staying up WAY too late and talking to roommates about life and love and things like that.

12. A little sister to miss and to make me so happy. 

13. Snow. Large flurry snowflakes that make the perfect snow ball.

14. OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT...I won an iPod nano. I am sharper than a cheese grater. I go to BYU so it's only natural. ;) (teehee) 

15. P.S. Is anyone else watching The Bachelor? Does anyone else hate Tierra as much as I do? Comment below. Sound off!

That's all. Now enjoy Instagrams of my life.

Have a lovely weekend.
Stay gold. 


  1. Don't worry everyone hates Tierra, but you have to admit she brings the entertainment. I just wish I could be sitting next to Sean right now to watch his reaction to all of these episodes. Fingers crossed he chooses Desiree. Their relationship is practically perfect in every way!
    And all of that food in your instagram looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!!
    xo TJ

    1. I am totally team Desiree too! They are so perfect! I will be sad when Tierra leaves because she is the drama and entertainment.

    2. Okay I lied a little bit I'll be sad because I won't be able to laugh at her stupidity but then I'll be soooo happy because she's cray.

  2. haha love this post, so many good thoughts! XO
    cute blog!!


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