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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


1. I got my first Kate Spade case, and instead of paying $40.00 for it, I only paid $20.00. And the truth is, I really liked my other one better.

2. I concluded that Pride Prejudice is in my TOP 10 Favorite Movie list.

3. hashtag:wallgram for TGJ

4. The best note from the best professor. Holla to my man Robert Walz.

5. I am one of those people that cannot go through a church meeting without a treat. So I brought my camelbak and cheddar pretzels to stake conference. No big.

6. Babysitting baby T= happiness and baby fever.

7. This person doesn't understand how offended I am. They spelled my name wrong, I'm a she, and I'm pretty darn beautiful.

8. That is Mindy Gledhill's husband. Yes, I took a picture of him ordering an enchilada at Costa Vida.

9.  Sometimes, my head gets stuck when I am putting my shirts on.

10. The formula for a perfect girls night: a pointless stroll through south end market, pizza, chocolate ice cream, and the cheesiest of movies.

11. My PR Group. I sure do love these geniuses.

12. Another holla to Robert Walz. He gives the best extra credit opportunities.

13. March Madness, baby.

14. Kaitlyn and Mak are losing hardcore.

15. I got a Timex watch at Target for $8.78. That is the best deal. The best.

16. Krystal when she visited. What a turkey.

17. We got to babysit Baby T again and he got a little fuzzy when he fell down.

18. On Wednesdays we go to Sonic. The popcorn chicken....droooollll.

19. My artistic photo of the bunch. I love nights like tonight. They are warm and after the sun's perfect. 

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