The Importance of Being Krystal

Monday, March 25, 2013

The sweetest surprise greeted me as I came home from a date Saturday night. It took me by so much surprise that I had the most delayed reaction in the history of delayed reactions. I knocked on the door expecting my roommates to answer and like I said, much to my surprise a 4 foot 11 beauty answered the door and my jaw dropped. I looked at my roommates and then back and her and said ohmygosh a trillion times and hugged the heck out of my sister. My sister surprised me with her presence after our plans for her visiting fell through. It was happiest moment of the weekend, and now I'm crying a little bit and it's not because I am constantly listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack. She went home today and I feel like a little bit of my life went away. It felt so right...her being here. It was like she was meant to stay. I didn't want her to go home to work at Pizza Pie Cafe, and it's not like I won't ever see her again, I see her more than most siblings here do, but it was just the perfect feeling. You know? Krystal is like a breath of fresh air. She is a vision of kindness and sweetness. I am so blessed to have a sister as patience as she is. As understanding. She listens and speaks the wisest of words.

I like to think that we were inseparable in the pre-earth life a la Saturday's Warrior. I like to think that I cried when I had to leave her, knowing that it would be three almost four years until I got to see her again. Until I got to hold her little body, me still a young little sprout, her a fresh soul, a precious package delivered from God. I bet I was sad because she would be there, not alone, but waiting...waiting patiently to be with us again. I'm so glad that I get to be with her forever, even when I start my own family. I know we will be reunited and have family reunions in this life and the next. I'm so grateful for that, because she is good. She is the good I wish I could be. Krystal is the loveliest and she is beyond gold. I know that she is favored of the Lord. I know that he looks at her with love and reverence, because I do. I love her more than anything. She is the best person anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for this weekend, Krystal. Thank you. Thank you. Let's cross our fingers that you can come for the Festival of Colors this weekend.

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