Wednesday, March 13, 2013

cI forgot to publish this yesterday! I really need to work on my schedule. I just wanted to share another happy moment. This has been a week of happy moments.

So I didn't start listening to country music until I moved in with a farm girl and a Texan. It wasn't my favorite and I only listened to the REALLY popular songs every once and a while, for example anything by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, basically. Well on Monday, we had to drive to a house for Family Home Evening and the girl driving was blasting country, and all the songs were SO good. I got the country bug immediately, I couldn't control it. That night I went home, got on Spotify and made a country playlist.

Well, my two country listening roommates saw it and then we started talking about good country songs. And then we started listening. And then we concluded that Tuesdays were now to be called Twangy Tuesdays and we could only talk in southern accents and we could only listen to country music. If we listened to anything other than country music, like Thrift Shop, we had to sing it with twang. Some may say that sounds totally obnoxious but it was totally funny. And totally awesome. It was just what we all needed too, because yesterday was beyond stressful and busy. There is nothing better than coming home to guitars and belty voices. And then being able to relate to each song because country was written for things like that and then talking to your roommates about heartbreak and boys. Mostly boys. Life is good on twangy Tuesdays. So here are some songs that make Tuesdays the twangiest.

This one is probably my favorite. 

Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband are from my home town. Ryan Shupe graduated from my high school and their drummer is a babe.

And I really like Keith Urban and his accent.

What songs would you listen to on Twangy Tuesday? Have you had a terrific week? Comment below. Happy listening. Stay gold. 

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