Time to pull out your dresses! It's Spring time!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

60 degree weather in Provo!? Heck. Yes. So that only means that it's time for skirts and dresses. Really, though I was just walking on campus and every girl was wearing a gingham shirt tucked into a swooshy skirt. And the sundresses. Mercy me, there are so many sundresses. A little side note, I think girls really need to learn how to wear slips, I have seen a lot of striped underwear too. So here are some dresses of the expensive kind. If you're looking for some not so expensive dresses, JCP has your back and any other store that you fancy.

This has got to be my favorite. Look at those HUGE dots! And I know it doesn't come with the belt, but it should. It's so darn adorable.
I am a sucker for black and white and a pop of neon. This is perfect for all of the neon pop suckers out there. 
 This is the flirty flared version of a polka dot dress.
And here is the shift dress version with scattered dots and complete clothing brilliance. Dreamy. 

And now for some color...

 The model in the picture doesn't look happy, but the color of the dress sure is!
The classic dress for me. The waistline, color, and material are perfect. Instead of calling it the Camille Dress, call it the Dani Dress.

Are you ready to wear dresses and skirts? What about shorts or capris? What are you excited to wear when the warm weather rolls around? Happy wishing!

P.S. The fast is going great, I am closer and closer to April! Oh my stars!

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