Noah Gundersen

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I was supposed to do a Noah Gundersen playlist A LONG time ago, but I seemed to get distracted with other things like the beautiful weather and a massive PR campaign project that is due next Tuesday. Anyway, back to Noah Gundersen. So I was watching The Vampire Diaries, because I'm kind of OBSESSED with the Vampire Diaries. Team Damon, y'all. Yeah I was watching TVD and personally I think that TVD has some of the best music and the song was playing and I was crying and then I was falling in love with the song and I was wondering why I was crying and I concluded that it wasn't just because someone was dead, it was because someone was dead and the SONG was making it ten times more sad. And so I looked up the lyrics and BAM, Noah Gundersen appeared. And I listened to the rest of his music and I fell in so much love. So this playlist is dedicated to the man himself.
1. San Antonio Fading

"Oh my darling, your memory slowly fading. I know I keep complaining, but I'm not as strong as I was. When we were younger back in Texas... when our love was new. But it's not that the love is missing, it's just not around. It's just flowing under like rivers underground. And if I say I love you
like you know I do, would you say you love me too? If you do, I'll keep on loving you."

2. Family

"And I watch you stumble drunk out into the night, to cat call ladies. You're thirsty for blood, you're picking a fight. And I wanted to ask, what do you do in the daylight?"

The song that they played on TVD. *sob* 

3. Garden

"But wait, oh wait see how the morning breaks? It's the simplest of love songs, but it's all our hearts can take and though we lose our stake heaven is where we make it even in the smallest places, can a garden grow."

4. Honest Songs

"So be good with what you're given. For it's all you have to give. We are only passing shadows in the mighty wind. So though I tremble in the darkness, in the cold and frozen snow. I am grateful for the winter, for the winter comes to show...That our trouble is never over, and our work is never done. But with the turning of the season...We will always see the sun."

What do you think of Noah Gundersen's music? Aren't his lyrics beautiful? What are you listening to? Have you made any new discoveries? Comment below and happy listening! Stay gold.

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