An Easter Feaster!

Monday, April 1, 2013

I love the week of Easter. I wish as Mormons we would celebrate the holiday more fully. It should be an entire week celebration, but that's just my two cents, and anyone will tell me that Easter should be celebrated every day because that's the answer to everything. Well I tried to make the weekend a celebration, and it sort of came to pass. So look at these pictures, click the link on "Mormons" and watch the beautiful video. And always remember, that Christ died for us. And he lives for us. He is risen and yes, he is the reason.

We started off the weekend by putting the top down on Megan's bug and driving all the way to Target. We looked at everything but bought nothing and that's just the way we roll.
And while we were driving to Target, we started craving pizza because Emilee and Parker were having pizza, so we came home...and made pizza. The pepperoni kind. Bring on the memories of sitting on your counter at home baking stuff with your mom.
And of course, this was the finished product. Isn't it beautiful? Pizza is the best food. Really though, and notice the Reese's Eggs in the back? Those are the best Easter candy. Hands down.
After eating pizza I had to rush off to another celebration, or maybe just a photoshoot, because for some reason people think I can model. Well I got to wear Studio Beats by Dre so I was aight with that.
I am now a member of GCS aka Grilled Cheese Society. Men in mustache's and ladies in pearls welcome. I mean look at the grease on my thumb. Solid gold right there.
And this is Mac. He's really cool and he lost at Cover Your Assets. But that's okay because Ramsey lives with him. Ramsey is the ram bust in the back. Enjoy.
And thus began the Easter Feaster. I was assigned carrots and I rocked at them.
And as if I haven't gone whitagram crazy, Emilee sent me the picture she took of our completed feast and I edited and I made it look extremely tumblry and delicious. Look at it. Just look at it. A Hammy, a big green salad, tomb taters, and carrots. Afterwards, we finished with peanut butter pie and resurrection rolls. Oh yum.

And we finished off the night with Easter Sundaes. We're punny like that.
 So Happy Easter. Thanks for dropping by! Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible.

What did you do this weekend? Happy Monday! Stay golden.  As golden as a golden egg from Willy Wonka.

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  1. haha "that's the way we roll'- i LOVE target. they have so many pretty pieces, from clothes, to decorations, to stationary. i never really let myself buy anything either, which is borderline torture haha. and i'm curious, what do mormons do differently for easter?

    xo Marlen
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