Holy Hannah, It's Friday. Again!

Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm pretty sure that on every Friday Favorites post I talk about how amazed I am that Friday is here again. Thank goodness, but gosh a mighty slow down time. Just slow the heck down. Well I better get to typing the faves before I get distracted by Friday festivities, and by Friday festivities I mean watching The Vampire Diaries and wasting the time away on Pinterest.

1. Deactivating my Facebook.
It was probably the best thing I did all week. And it wasn't because of the whole supreme court/gay rights thing. Do you know me at all? It was for my own spiritual and productive well-being.  I got so much done in the time I would have been spending on Facebook.

2. Buying ALL the groceries at Winco!
I love Winco. That place reminds me of last summer trips with my mom. A trip to Winco was like going to Disneyland, especially since it was my first summer after my first semester of college. I was cooped up like a little bird. Plus, Winco has the best bulk foods section in the history of bulk foods. Also, now I won't starve.

3. Festival of Colors is tomorrow!
I better go find a shirt that I can ruin.

4. Random texts from Talor. She is the coooooooooooolest.

5. I registered for all of my classes! On my way to get more of an education.

Have the happiest Friday and weekend friends!

Stay safe. Stay gold.

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