Summer skipped Spring and pranced its way in here.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday I was actually hot. I mean I get overheated a lot but really yesterday I felt summer sticky-ness! It's here! This is the most exciting thing in my life. Summer time is adventure time. So here are some pictures of my most recent adventures. Have a terrific Tuesday and if you are taking classes this Spring, happy first day! Let's all get A's (because Lord knows I need them...please pray that I will be able to keep my job.)

Real Salt Lake game with Tootie, Daddy-O and big brother.
Krystal and I really wanted Real to win, unfortunately, LA Galaxy took the prize and we hate them for it.

I want to cry when I see this, because I see pure happiness in my Dad's eyes. I see it in his peace sign, I see it in the wrinkles on his face. I'm so glad I got to spend the weekend at the game with him.
Everyone must know that Krystal and I make these faces at each other. It's like we are creatures or something. No big.
Makenna wanted to go shopping and so we did! And we stopped at the Gap and found shirts for $7.99. We couldn't decide which ones to get. She got all three and she deserved. I got one because I need to stop buying clothes. Another fast? You betcha!

One of my favorite things about a new season and new school term is the opportunity to meet new people and make friends and to welcome home friends that have been away. 

Look at Mak's swanky shoes? What is the story behind this? Tyler Jones went home for a week. He asked Tyler Abbott and I to go pick him up from the train station. So we did. And we brought signs because we wanted to make him feel special. I think we did just that.
We may have gotten there reallllll early, so we decide to dance around the platform and admire the interesting statue. I look pregnant, but at least my legs look good.

What adventures are you excited for this summer? What is making your Tuesday terrific?

Stay gold.

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