I know some beautiful people...

Monday, May 20, 2013

I really do. It's something I think about just about every day.

First, I know this girl who works so incredibly hard at everything she does. She probably gets about 5 hours of sleep a night and doesn't even mind and she is kind to everyone. I have only seen her mad once but it never lasts for long because her heart is overflowing with patience and beautiful kindness. She is a Texas girl through and through and she knows it. She is very intelligent and she's always there to listen.

Second, I know another girl who also works incredibly hard. So hard it's kinda crazy and you have to tell her to slow down sometimes. She has a great sense of humor and she's not afraid to laugh at herself. She has a lovely face and the loveliest personality to match. She has a good heart and she cares about her family more than anything in this world.

Third, I have a friend. A friend that has been with me since the strange Junior High years that test your self esteem and choice of clothing. We became friends over Pride and Prejudice and that's when I knew it was gold. She is serendipitous and whimsical. Plus, she has great hair and she says some great things.

Fourth, and then there's one more and she is so great. She is a southern belle. Blonde and beautiful and she can rock yellow. She listens and she laughs when appropriate. She is soft spoken and incredibly polite. She is an example to me every day.

Whoda thunk that I'd be blessed to have such lovely friends here at school. Heavenly Father definitely put these people in my life so I can learn and grow and I definitely have. So thank you friends, thank you for the laughs, the tears, the food, the movie nights, the guy talk, thank you for everything.

You are all gold.


  1. So, I know this girl with the coolest personality that can brighten anyone's day with one word or simple smile. She is so wise and always there when you need her. I think she is pretty great, and I love her dearly. And... let's not forget she only has the best taste in clothing. K that's all. I love you. Thank you for this.

    1. Oh how I love you. Thank you Miss Megan!


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