Things I've decided...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1. Roshambo is always in order.

2. A break from guys is good for the soul.

3. A run in the rain refreshes the soul and the mind.

4. A new pair of running sneakers will take you far.

5. When in doubt the Asiago bagel is always the best choice.

6. Go for the raspberry roll.

7. Have friends that are willing to share fantastic music with you.

8. A quiet friend is usual the wisest.

9. A little money spent at the J.Crew Factory store is money well spent.

10. Talking to beautiful people you meet on the street is always okay, even if it makes you uncomfortable it is ALWAYS okay. You will learn so much about the person.

11. Nintendo 64 will make you feel like a kid again and it will be one of the best feelings.

12. Sometimes when you are taking a shower you will have an epiphany. An epiphany to let things go. To be happy. To be better. To have a better heart. To love more. To stop being a petty child. To stop feeling jealous and sorry for yourself. To walk in the sunlight and let the shadows fall behind you.

13. Smiling and laughter are so much better than tears and angry words.

What have you decided today?
Are you having a terrific Tuesday?
Comment below and have a lovely day.
Stay gold.

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