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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is not sponsored. Yeah.

So last week, J.Crew Factory was having a big 40% everything in store. Then you could use your student ID and get an extra 15% your purchase. Of course, I was there. Of course I got a few things. Deals make this girl feel nice and happy. Among the purchase, I bought a pair of green shorts. Oh my gosh...let's just say they are the most flattering and softest bermudas I have ever possessed. So naturally, I want more. And naturally, I want the slouchiest of white t-shirts to wear with them. So let it be written, so let it be done.

I believe that red shorts are allowed to be considered a staple in a girl's closet. What say you? I say, yes!
Of course, if you want to go for that cool guy who rocks menswear inspo. The color is british khaki how fitting.
White. I saw my friend Emilee in white shorts the other day and now I'm yearning, burning love for these.
 The others that I wouldn't mind to have in my closet at this moment....

Seersucker. Perfectly preppy. Preppily perfect.
Speaking of suckers, I am one for rolled up jean shorts.
And now for the Everlane mix...

The slouch! The U-Neck! Oh did you know that Everlane is coming out with "The Ryan Collection". It's drapey dreaminess. The dreamiest!
A boxy tee. With a pocket! Too good.
And the accessories! I can't forget some of my favorite Everlane accessories and shoes.

Everlane came out with a summer sandal! I'm in true deep love!
I will always want this backpack. Forever and ever.

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