I completely forgot that yesterday was Tuesday and I had to write a blog post.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I really did. Sometimes in the summer time, I forget to keep track of days and time...and everything in between. Yesterday was one of those times, but I figured I can write two posts today. Ain't no thang for a girl that likes blogging a thing or two.

Yesterday was stunning. It was stunningly hot, stunningly breezy, stunningly green, and stunningly fun. Real fun, I tell you.

First, my little sister Krystal came into town yesterday (Monday) and that made me ever so happy. Krystal, my mom, Mak, and I were able to go eat lunch at my favorite pizza place in Provo called SLAB. I think I've mentioned it before. Yeah, a lot of college students think it's over priced especially since we have Little Caesers and a PPC nearby, but they have a large variety of flavors and the pieces are slabs...literally a quarter of a pizza. A large pizza. I figure that if I want to go to a pizza, salad, and dessert cafe, I'll go to PPC. If I want a classic, tasty, best leftover pepperoni pizza, I'll go to Little Caesar's. If I want a Pulled Pork pizza or a Thai Chicken pizza I'll go to Slab. I'll fork over the 5-7 dollars for that piece of deliciousness. Plus, my mom loves it so I say, yay! Did I just go on a mini rant about pizza places?

Anyway, why don't I get on to why Tuesday was so darn terrific?

First, a great morning at work. Don't you just love it when you love your job? Who else loves their job? Yes, I'm one of those people.

Second, devotional with Krystal and Tyler.

Third, lunch with Krystal and Tyler. + The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer. We may or may not have made a few audible noises in the CougarEat. We got some weird looks. It don't matter. Definitely seeing that with in Ogden with mah Sis.

Fourth, Tyler and Krystal went to go see a movie, whilst I worked my little tail off.

After being picked up by those youngin's Krystal and I decided it would be beneficial to our spirits to soak up some sun and bathe in chlorinated water while screaming outrageously on slides that might as well be roller coasters. Megan and Mak were the other pair and it's safe to say we had a mighty fine time.

Well the day just gets better. Even more terrific. Still smelling like sun, pool water, with a light splash of coconut from the tanning lotion, we tried our best to look presentable and went with Spencer to Guru's. Oh my heavens. If you are in the Provo area, make your way to Provo Center Street and go to Guru's. Make sure you get an order of the Sweet Potato Fries. Those are immaculate. And get the large order of Thai Peanut Pasta. It's a whopping $15.06, but boy is it tasty. And it makes for great leftovers. Plus, who doesn't love eating dinner with their siblings?

The night ended with 13 Going on 30 and BYU Creamery ice cream. Tasty. Yes it was a tasty day.

So how was your Tuesday? Was it tasty? Was it terrific? Is this post super rambly? Yes. Oh well.

Stay gold.

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