I am Friday. I must become Friday. Friday is my friend.

Friday, June 7, 2013

That's what I've been telling myself ALL week. It has been one of those weeks where you want to eat nothing but junk (which I have) do nothing but sleep (almost there) and talk to no one (which didn't happen, because when in Provo, it's impossible to avoid humanity). But now it's over and there were still some favorite-worthy things that happened. So let's get to it, before I get bored and start doing something else with my time.

1.The kid resting on my shoulder right at this moment. Is it too soon to be sappy about this kind of thing? Maybe? Do I give a? No.

2. Third Physical Science test finished.

3. In-N-Out. Double double? Ay bay bay.

4. Crusty the sweater. And when I say crusty...I mean crustacean.

5. Kevin and Rachael Abbott and their littlest of littles.

6. Kiwanis park shenanigans and shady business. You would not believe the things that go down there past 10 o clock. The witching hour. It got real REAL down there.

7. Watching EFY kids. I love those snot nosed acne farms. It's the greatest thing to witness. We found the 15 year old versions of all our friends among the throngs of COWs, BFs, and GFs. Greatness I tell you. Pure greatness.

8. Feeling the happiest you have been in a long time.


Have a lovely weekend friends! Stay gold.


  1. I am so glad that you like the EFY kids on campus. Everyone complains about them. I am actually sad that I am not in Provo to witness the acne farms, etc. It just means MORE PEOPLE TO DRAW! Yes, it's kinda annoying when they take my favorite spot on the lawn in Brigham Square, but I love those children. Every last zit-faced one of them.

    1. They are the best, it makes me sad that people are so mean about them. I'm like "Come on, don't you love reminiscing about your awkward days? You were just like them once." It's important to be a little kid sometimes.


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