A rebel's wishlist.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Megan and I have been rebels lately. Girls who are orthodox one-piece wearers and tattoo-free suddenly have the urge to buy every bikini on the market and get inked asap. Of course, we haven't but a wishlist never hurt anybody.

P.S. I have NOTHING at all against bikinis. Wear your bikinis, ladies, and I'll wear my one-piece. Get your tattoos friends and I'll just admire yours. 

Let's begin with the notorious two-piece. Gasp and grumble all you want. I seriously have the bikini bug.

1. Can we take a moment to appreciate the retro-inspired swimsuits that have had their debut this summer? So what if you don't have that perfect swimsuit body yet, this suit will cover up all imperfections (which you should totally be embracing) with that high waist, pop of color, and pretty polka dot print. (Alliteration, anyone?) You can find this beauty at J.Crew. P.S. They are having a sale on all swimwear. Jump on that, please.

2. The flowers. The bright yellow. It's perfect. Wishing, wishing, and wishing some more. I don't know where to get this one, but here is the source

3. Why does this have to be the cutest thing ever? If you are looking for a more conservative less beach bombshell look, go for this white bikini with the cute star print and the stripe interior. No one will see it, but you'll love it anyway because it's so darn sassy. Thanks for watching out for the sweet and sassy girls Anthropologie.

4. Of all the bikinis in the world, you would be the one I'd choose above the rest. That floral print is killing me.

And now for the even more notorious tattoos. Haters gonna hate. Taters gonna tate. It happens. Whatever. 

a forest line, a lake, a sleeve
Calligraphy tattoos have my heart.
A geometric water color tattoo in the perfect place.
I have a thing for stars, constellations, arrows, simplicity. This has it all.
It's only fitting.
A great twist on the arrow tattoo.
Uh huh.
A twist on the mountain tattoo.
And now with completely honesty I will say that this would be my ultimate tattoo. The placement and the symbol. The compass is so symbolic to me, so naturally this would be it.
That little arrow. Love it.
The beginnings of a perfect sleeve.
Top half/ Bottom Half
A full leg tattoo. So cool.

So simple and so lovely.

And lastly...


  1. I love this. This makes me want to be a rebel even more... Every time I drive by a tattoo parlor, I have to resist. Killing me!


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