Snapshots for Independence and Wishes Granted

Friday, July 5, 2013

I failed a little bit when it came to taking pictures of the fourth of July. In fact, I only took two. On my phone. And frankly, I'm too lazy to get the pictures that my dad took.

And if you looked at my wishlist, you might assume by "wishes granted" that I bought a bikini or got a tattoo. That's wrong. I didn't. I got some stuff that I featured on some wishlists a little while back...or that I reblogged on tumblr or pinned on pinterest, I honestly can't keep track anymore. Anyway, here they are enjoy, amigos. Enjoy.

The Snap Shots

The only Fourth of July related picture. There were fireworks and we could see them right from Spencer's bedroom window. It was magical, air conditioned, and not crowded. Greatness, if I do say so myself. I love me some fireworks.
Posting this on facebook, I got a message from someone thinking Spencer (my brother) was my boyfriend. He's cute and he's wonderful, but he's not. We're related and we're not weird like that. Unfortunately and fortunately Tyler is in California with his family (that's the fortunate time is the best time). I got to spend the holiday with Spencer and the other siblings. Parade and all. This picture is a gem, I think.

 The Wishes

Peplum party. I am converted to Peplum. Heck it's striped, I had to have it. Stripes and peplum, I'm in. I can't say it enough. For 20 dollars? Yeah. Count me in. You can find this gem at the J.Crew Factory Store.
Between the sweltering heat paralyzing me from going running and the summer holiday food, I am between sizes in pants. I got these beauts in a size 30 when I'm originally a 28. They are stretch, sooo....they get baggy by the end of the day, but let's get real. I'd rather be slighty baggy than suffocating and uncomfortable because my hips can't breathe. These can also be found at the J.Crew Factory Store.
If you know me at all, you know that I go through shoes like nobody's business. I wear them until I can't possibly ever wear them again. I get my money's worth, but it gets really obnoxious when you are on a budget and want affordable shoes. They aren't very durable all the time. Anyway, I needed a new pair of sandals, because the two I have need a serious break. These glittery doodads can be found in Target clearance. Go, go, go to your nearest store, I got them for $12.27. Kill me now.

Have you had any wishes granted lately? Any good sales going on? YES! In fact, I have two to share from my favorite stores, J.Crew and Madewell. Also, what did you do for the 4th? Send me links to pictures and blog posts.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Stay gold. 

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