Swing, swing, swing.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A wishlist?! Can you believe it? I won't be shopping anytime soon, but once I can, you bet I'll be running ASOS out of swing dresses. The easiest dresses to wear. The most flattering. The most breezy. The most college campus appropriate. The most summery. Yes, swing dresses, look at this wishlist full of them. Yo.

1 // This one first caught my eye when Sydney was rocking it, as she does with all clothes. She hit it right on the dot saying that this dress literally goes with everything. Every belt, every chambray shirt, every hat, every watch, and most importantly every pair of shoes you could think of. Oh and the price doesn't hurt one bit.
2 // I'll take it in red as well.
Speaking of red, this isn't a swing dress, but it's a kick-A skirt, in red. So naturally it had to be on this wishlist. You know how I do.
3 // I am a sucker, yes I am. Pleats are SO fetch.
Back to the swings!
4 // Lace everywhere! I got a little tired of the lace trend, it's absolutely everywhere in Utah right now. We are always a few steps behind, but this dress refreshed my faith in beautiful lace pieces. Even the wedding dresses.
5 // Uh...stripes? Need I say more?
6 // Oh geez, can Fall get here already? Layers anyone? Can you see the layering potential!?!
Oh and to top it all off, if you don't like that reddy/rust color, there's one in forest green and charcoal. Golly goodness.
Pull out your white converse and you are the coolest/best dressed girl around.
7 // Be still my heart.
8 // I can't find this anywhere that is not petite. It's just so good.
9 // This needs to not be in petite as well. This would work with so many cardigans.
Oh how about one more!

11 // Fall. I need you. Pockets? Slay me.

Do you have anything on your wishlist? Do you like the idea of the easiness of a swing dress? Which one is your favorite?

Stay gold lovely wishers!

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