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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This post is going to be sappy, and it's probably just one of the many, many, MANY sappy posts that I will write about Tyler Jordan, the boy. Here are the reasons why I love him today, Tuesday, July 30, 2013. There are many reasons really, loads, thousands, infinity, but today I will just mention a few.

So I was able to pay rent this month, on my own. Without my dad's help. This. This my friends is huge. I was able to pay tithing and then pay rent, all on my own. The beautiful feeling of independence wrapped me up like a blanket. Anyway, but when the rent check is dropped, the checking account takes a beating. Don't get me wrong, I am staying well fed. I have food at home, but sometimes I just don't want a PB&J or cereal. So I leave home hungry. Not good. Especially since Tuesdays are my busiest day and I don't have loads of time or moneys to go buy overpriced food in the cafeteria. Anyway so with time and moolah constraint and with sleepy eyes and a hot hub, I get grumpy and extremely hungry throughout the day.Thankfully, I am dating the best guy around (yes, I went there all you sappy saps who love talking about their BF's on every social network happens, I'll turn into one of them.) In a moment of hungry desperation and irrational grumpy-ness, Tyler appeared before my eyes with a bag of goodies. So here are the reasons why I love him loads.

1. Bagels, preferably the pizza and asiago kind, but if he were to come with a cinnamon sugar one with strawberry cream cheese, I would not complain. Bagels are slowly becoming our breakfast thing. Our quick snack thing. Our thing. Yeah. So you could imagine my joy when I saw those tucked away first in the goodie bag.

2. Vitamin Water in Dragonfruit because all the rest just don't compare. We will gladly share a bottle of this stuff, but it's always a luxury when you have one of your own. Seeing that made me want to kiss him on the mouth right then and there in the lib. But we won't get all gushy.

3. Chocolate Chip Clif Bars. Or any Clif Bar. I always give him a hard time about Walmart's Great Value Granola Bars and their distinct cardboard/nothingness flavor. I really should stop giving him such a hard time after this.

4. Lastly, Peanut Butter M&M's, my kryptonite, to be dramatic and silly. I love those things and could eat bags and bags and bags of them. That sealed the deal (not even trying to make a marriage reference right there).

So take note boys, though these may be just the simplest and silliest reasons to love someone they still count. Bring your girls goodie bags and ladies it wouldn't be so bad if you did the same for the him in your life. Thank you Tyler, I owe you a lot of foot rubs, to which you will disagree but secretly want anyway. Have a Terrific Tuesday (Wednesday), friends. Stay gold.

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