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Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh well. Here's a playlist.

1. Furr by Blitzen Trapper 
"And I lost the taste for judging right from wrong. For my flesh had turned to furr, yeah, and my thoughts they surely were turned to instinct and obedience to God."

Of course this is still on the playlist. The lyrics make it weekly #1 material.

2. Islands by Young the Giant 

"Have you missed my warmth?" 

This version slays me. I just can't even handle the harmonies or the beach. The beach makes it. Let's get real. Salt water and beautiful music. Life's remedies, really.

3. Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac and if you want a good cover, check out this one by Vampire Weekend 

Sometimes you hear this song in the mall whilst helping your dad pick out an assortment of golf shirts and it sticks with you all week. Yep and yep.

4. Wake the Sun by The Matches 

I liked The Matches before you did. Okay, not really, I only knew one song and it wasn't this one. I guess that doesn't count.

5. Further On by Bronze Radio Return

Truth is, I was in a really grumpy mood (I was hungry, cut me some slack) and Tyler showed me this song and I complained about the guys I'm in love with it. I can't get enough of that nasally sound. Plus the looks of these guys make me so happy. How old do you think they are? Dreamboats? Indeed.

6. We Are the Tide by Blind Pilot

"And war is in our hearts, and blood is in the land we love. We keep breaking our backs, hoping that it gives enough."

It drives me nuts when I can't find good quality videos of these songs on Youtube, and the only ones that can be found are from The Vampire Diaries.

7.  Half Moon by Blind Pilot 

"That wind is calling my name. I won't wait." 

I guess this will do. This video I mean. Look at those curls.

8. Elevate by St. Lucia 

This is too good for words. Holla at ya, Dsu Bear.

9. No Way Down by The Shins 

"Make me a drink strong enough, to wash away this dishwater world they said was lemonade. Walk with me after the show. Maybe we can find a way through the minefield in the snow."
The Shins are my #4 in my top ten and they surely deserve it. I even made a playlist on spotify dedicated to them. It's worth it. James Mercer is the dreamiest of all the dreamboats and we all know how much I love dreamboats.

10. Gone for Good by The Shins 

Tyler probably sings a part of this song to me just about every day. This song is going far in our relationship. Maybe that's not the best thing seeing as the song is about lost love, but whatever it's still magical. Now excuse me while I post the majority of the lyrics, because they are just that good.

It took me all of a year
To put that poisoned pill to your ear
But now I stand on honest ground
You want to fight for this love
But honey, you cannot wrestle a dove
So baby, it's clear

You wanted to jump and dance
But you sat on your hands
And lost your only chance
Go back to your hometown
Get your feet on the ground
And stop floating around

I find a fatal flaw
In the logic of love
And go out of my head
You love a sinking stone
That will never elope
So get used to the lonesome, girl
You must atone some
Don't leave me no phone number there

11.  Lord Huron. Not a song, but a new found band. These guys are gonna be big. I have high hopes for their musical abilities. Check out The Stranger, Time to Run, She Lit a Fire, and Lonesome Dreams.

Happy listening, friends. Stay gold.

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