Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Alright fellah's, you know what today is, that's right, Terrific Tuesday. So, Dani is taking a brief hiatus to pursue her dreams of taking a thousand pictures of me for something called "Tumblor." I don't know who, or what that is. Okay, so I'm just going to write about a few things that I think are, in a word, terrific. Um, first and foremost, Dani bought me some Jamba Juice today. Have you ever had a Jamba Juice before, dear reader? Delicious flavors, and you can get an additional "burst," I mean, "boost." Dani kept messing up the word. "I wanna get some "energy burst!!" Oh, and last night me and Dani become Facebook Ofish. It's sort of lame and childlish, but whatever, why would I ever want to hide that? Quite the opposite, I like that being a part of social description. I mean, she's sort of a big deal, and has pretty much changed my life. And as Dani said, "I figure people should know, so guys from Freshman Mentoring can stop hitting on me." Amen to that, sister. So I figure her name could be next to my fake job working for Bill Simmons of Grantland. Don't worry, I'll get a job, with my own office, or maybe I could share an office with somebody, I'd be cool with that.

On to more things terrific. Dani just said I'm perfect. We both know that isn't true. But that's always nice to hear. I think she was referring to my "perpetual scruff." So here's a terrific in disguise, I'm sick. One might think, being sick is the worsts. But not with this girl around. For some reason being sick gives me a free pass to delicious homemade pasta, foot massages, cool movie watchings, and general sounds that go like this, "oooh, are you ok?" and, "poooooor babbbby." Everybody loves hearing that. Let's get real. I also just accidently drank out of her Jamba Juice cup, I will keep this secret to the grave. Dang it. She found out. Good thing I'm sick, or else she'd be so mad. Which she sort of is. Turns out she's super cute when she's mad, so you know, win-win I suppose. Ward activities have been sort of awesome lately. Dani usually has to convince me to go to those things, but they're always super fun. We went to a Utah Lake (which the surface of such has lake has been described as, "Sciddily Boop," which should denote feelings of it's overall grossness."), did some kayaking. Me thinking I was strong guys or somethin' and I could row one of those bad boys. Turns out Dani and Megan could row 1000000x better than I could. I wish I went to girls camp. I could have been so much more prepared for life. Last night we had a bonfire,  and we made up a game where we try to have to the most incoherent conversations and see who laughs first. Wildly entertaining.

I watched a movie called "The Help," last night. Made me appreciate old, white, southern ladies. Actually not really. I need to have more African-American friends, their culture is just the coolest. Speaking of which, on to the NBA. Lakers will be surprisingly fun to watch next year. Mark it down. They won't be that good. But they will be fun to watch. Not to mention the two best player is an overly-sensitive Spaniard, and an extremely old Canadian. Can't wait.

Well I guess that's all I've got for you guys this week. How does Dani usually end these things? You're all  scholars and gentlemen. That's not right. I mean, stay golden. Just do it.

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