These are the sweaters I want and I will have them one day. Even if I have to take the Frontrunner to the nearest store.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The title is long, because the post will be extremely short. Art History is calling, my friends. And I must go.

1 // This is heaven with skinny jeans, leggings, that white shirt tucked underneath, on a rainy day, on a snowy day, on a fall leafy day. It's just straight up clothing heaven. Those pockets? I die.
2 // Call me a Tootsie Pop because I am a complete sucker for gray. Complete. Those pockets, though. I can't get over them.
3 // Alright. I'm done. THIS is too good. A raglan gray sweatshirt with jewels? Count me in.

What's on your wishlist? Have you been taking advantage of J.Crew's extra 40% off sales items deal? Jump on that. I know I should have. Oh well...I said the same thing about the Merino Swing Sweater and I got my hands on it so I have no doubt that I will own the pocket one soon. Well, that's all today folks.

Happy wishing. 
Stay gold.


  1. i really love how the first sweatshirt is styled! it's so cute!

    lindsey louise

    1. Right? Don't you just want to wear it every day?

  2. Love your blog!

    Would love to feature you on my blog for my series I Am a Mormon Monday.
    If interested, email me @ and I will give you all the details :)


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