Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't you mean wishlist wednesday? Well yeah! But hey, for the 4 billionth time, I'm getting married so I figured...hey...why not make wishlist wedding wednesday posts. But then I thought...wait what if someone takes your idea and gets married before you do? But then I thought again...hey imitation is the best form of flattery so why the heck not!? Let's go for it!

First things first, Tyler reads this blog so I figured to stay traditional...I won't be talking about the wedding dress, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about SHOES and ACCESSORIES! So that's what I'm going to feature today. I haven't bought these things yet, but the following are an idea of what I want to wear on my wedding day and to the reception. Enjoy! And feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

The Shoes

To preface these are our colors..
The Red/Scarlet and mint are meant to be accent colors and I just felt like it was the perfect mix of nautical, classic, and modern. Tyler said he LOVED it the first time he saw it so I think it was a perfect fit. Plus, his shirt colors consist of blue and red so it fits his personality ever so nicely.

Anyway, weren't we talking about shoes? Yes! So as an avid Cup of Jo follower, I have heard Joanna rave about Jeffery Campbell's 'Regina' Wedge and how comfortable and absolutely adorable they are...which I completely agree on the adorable part. We'll see about comfort. They are just my style. And so while I was browsing for wedding shoes these came to my mind first and...



1 // Oh my the dreamiest! And the price isn't bad at all. I have heard of girls getting $500-$1,000 Jimmy Choos. Be still my heart.

The Baubles and Arm Party 

Around the neck...

2 // Confession: I am a sucker for the ampersand symbol. Just think about it Dani & Tyler. *swoon*
3 // "I do"
4 // Mrs. Abbott? I think yes. Cheesy? I think yes, also.

 A stack of gold...

I really want to have an arm party because I have seen them all over the wedding sights these days and I think it would just be lovely over the and under the cardigan I'll be wearing. What do you think?
5 // This little beauty has been on my wishlist forever. It's the actual J.Crew collection version NOT the factory version, but the factory version would suit me just fine if it just fit my wrist. That price though...oh no. Sigh. Looking dupes!
6 // Cue the confetti! Cut the cake! Because happily ever after starts NOW!
7 // THIS.
8 // Oh come on Kate Spade! This is adorable.
9 // A ring to match? Yes, please!

Do you have any dreamy wedding ideas? What did you wear on your wedding day as shoes and accessories? Comment below...and like always....

Stay gold.

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